How to use the Nokia Mobile Phone as Modem to connect to Internet from your PC

It is very easy to use your Nokia Mobile (Internet enable phone) as modem to connect to internet, not only easy more beneficial because mobile internet plans are very low when compared to any other broadband connects. Here is the simple guide to use Nokia Mobile phone as Modem

Things required before getting started with this guide :
Nokia mobile is used as a modem to connect your laptop, Computer or netbook to Internet. In this case I’m using Nokia 5235 which got better modem support than many other Nokia mobile models.

1. Nokia mobile with GPRS or 3G transfer support (Based on handset and network provider).

2. Nokia DKE2 Cable (Data transfer cable based on your Nokia mobile is required).

3. An USB Port to connect Nokia mobile.

4. Nokia Ovi  suite, download it for free from Official Nokia Site (Based on your mobile model).

Make sure that you got all these things, if any one of these is missed or PC suite for your phone is not available please don’t proceed to the further steps. Its difficult to manage without any of them.
Simple Procedure in few steps
Follow these steps to connect to Internet using Nokia mobile
Step 1 : Install Nokia Ovi suite software on your PC and please do not connect mobile while installation is in process.
Step 2 : After installation is finished, connect Nokia mobile using USB connectivity cable or connect via Bluetooth in case of laptop or notepad.

Step 3 : On screen connection guide will be displayed and choose Ovi Suite from that options.

Step 4 : Wait for few seconds, as all required drivers will be automatically installed.

Step 5 : Now, open Nokia Ovi Suite and start up screen will be displayed.

Step 6 : Click on Tools then Options, Select Connect to Internet here choose the particular fields like Country and network provider  then Press Ok button.

Step 7 : Connection will automatically established otherwise enter the manual settings by contacting your operator.(these two steps(6&7) are for the first time only from second time onwards whenever you are connecting your device to computer via USB or Bluetooth Ovi suite will automatically open by just clicking on Connect Now you can enjoy).

Step 8 : Now  its all Over. You can enjoy the Internet  from your mobile.
Step 9 :If you want to disconnect simply click disconnect.

Manual setting of the operators are available in my previous post you can get from there


Hey Guys! and After Installation of Nokia Ovi Suite, once your mobile is detected on Nokia ovi suite,for fast INTERNET connect the mobile to INTERNET through Dia-Up connection.
In dial Up connection leave Username and password as Blank
and in the dial block enter your operators Dialup Number(Number can be known from operator customerCares)
and click on dial then Your Internet is Connected..

and Access point is TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
Enjoy Guys...

what u said is right we can also connect through dial-up connect the benefit in it was we can set maximum speed manually whatever we want.where as in Nokia suit maximum speed constant (with bluetooth 115kbps) (with usb 480kbps).But there will be some problem with dial up while mobile connected via bluetooth.
But I suggest Dial-up connection for broadband wired connections(like BSNL) because mobile bandwidth is not much high. @NaSa SrK

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